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New Blog & Prepping for Fall

Well hey there! As most of you know, I transitioned to full time photography in October of last year – and it only took me until now to get a blog going 😜 I figured, what a better time to get this going than now?! Mid-wedding season and pre-CRAZY season! All jokes aside, I’m super excited to have more of a voice here on the internet and behind my images. I know that 1-2 hour long sessions isn’t a very long time to get to know each other, but I love to be open with all my “client-friends” because at the end of the day, this is so much more than a business to me. I am a photographer because I love love, connection and art. So thank you for being here and reading if you made it this far! 💖

If you are a subscriber to my emails, then you got my announcement about Fall Mini Sessions this October! 🎃🍁💛 With getting married and already being booked out so far in advance, I wasn’t able to pull these together for last year. Therefore, I planned AHEAD and picked one day for this shindig to happen! Any sessions not picked up by my email subscribers will become available TOMORROW (Aug 1) at 8:30pm when I post to Facebook/Instagram. I will be prompt – so set a reminder or have your phone handy, I expect these sessions to go very quickly!

Didn’t get an email? Make sure you subscribe using the handy little bar below so you don’t miss your chance for early sign ups on future mini sessions. I do not spam you – I usually only send about one email per month with specials and announcements.

Thank you again for joining me here! I’m sorry I don’t have more beautiful images to share with you on this post, but they are coming, I promise! I’m looking forward to blogging and sharing more of my work and life with you all! 💕

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