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Feb 18, 2024 | Families



I’m so glad you’re here! Blog posts range from showcasing my latest portrait sessions to my best tips & tricks, thank you for reading!

The branding for our hair salon and photography studio is IN! Anna with Hibiscus Creative did an amazing job and created a brand identity that fit Paige Alisa Studio & Styling perfectly!

She created an “icon” that is everything that I was looking for! It’s whimsical, elegant yet still strong. Everything that I aspire my photography to be!

I just love everything down from the fonts she chose and the different ways we are able to showcase our new logo. Not only did she create a new logo and all the different iterations, but we have a cohesive font and color kit that will help tie all of our marketing together.

I’ll admit, up until now I purchased pre-made logos from Etsy. And it worked for a while! But it wasn’t the whole kit and kaboodle like what Anna has done for us. Hiring a designer was the best choice we could have made to get us started!

Paige Alisa Studio & Styling Logo
Paige Alisa Studio & Styling Logo
Paige Alisa Studio & Styling Logo

Moral of the Story… Hire a Professional

This new brand identity is not just beautiful, but it has truly leveled up my excitement for this new chapter. I never thought that I would actually achieve my dream of opening a photography studio, but now I am also a hair salon owner, and it’s just absolutely the perfect fit for all of my clients!

The amount of pampering that is about to happen to make your photoshoots the best they can be is unreal! Not only do I get to continue creating beautiful portraits for you, but I get to help you feel even better and more prepared for your session!

Let’s Get You Booked

Don’t forget – you can still schedule with our amazing stylists separately from your photoshoot.

However, if you would like to add Hair & Makeup to your session I will take care of scheduling for you!

Let’s go ahead and get you on our books: inquire to schedule here.

Hair Salon inside Paige Alisa Studio & Styling in Salisbury, NC


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