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Mar 12, 2024 | Families, Mini Sessions

Beautiful pregnant redhead posing with husband in front of azalea bush

Outdoor spring mini sessions are here! You saw the studio spring mini sessions in Salisbury taking place on March 23 and I just didn’t want the beautiful blooms at Hurley Park to go to waste!

You can sign up for one, the other, or BOTH! The more the merrier, since these two sessions will have very different vibes.

Sometimes I just can’t believe that Hurley Park is right down the road from us – it truly is a hidden gem. With blooming azaleas (see the picture to the left here) and beautiful flowering trees, bridges, gazebos, paths & ponds it truly has everything!

The azaleas typically bloom late March to early April, and I think April 6th is going to be the perfect date for spring mini sessions in Salisbury! The weather should be nice and warm for us and I’m hoping the azaleas will be in full bloom.

Pink magnolia blooms on tree in Salisbury, NC
Lots of blooms on magnolia tree in Hurley Park Salisbury, NC
White flowers on blooming tree in Hurley Park Salisbury, NC

These images of blooming trees are all from Hurley Park last week (the week of March 4th), isn’t it just breath taking? If Saturday April 6th doesn’t work for you, we can always schedule a full session on another day!

Shelby’s maternity portraits were taken with the beautiful azaleas at Hurley Park and the reason I decided to offer spring mini sessions here!

These spring mini sessions are absolutely perfect for families, little ones, maternity portraits, seniors, or just friends! Just keep in mind, since they’re only 15 minutes, 5 person maximum for each session. If you would like to have more than 5 people you will need to book 2 back to back sessions.

I know these mini sessions will book quickly, so don’t hesitate to book yours today!

Beautiful pregnant redhead posing among blooming pink azaleas in Salisbury, NC


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