Shelby & Brandon’s Engagement Session

Dec 28, 2018 | Engagements

Shelby and Brandon's Engagement Session

Today I’m sharing Shelby and Brandon’s engagement session, and you’re going to love how this starts, because it’s one of those small world stories!

Shelby found my photography on Facebook through a sponsored ad (🙌) and reached out to me for more information. We hit it off right away and scheduled her engagement session with her fiancée Brandon. She mentioned our upcoming session to a coworker – that I have known for YEARS! They also had an upcoming session! (The way I imagine that realization happening between them involves confetti and jumping up and down. 😂) That totally didn’t happen but it’s exciting to think about anyway! We eventually friended each other on Facebook, only to realize that Shelby is also friends with my brother’s girlfriend! Charlotte doesn’t really feel like the small town I thought it was when I was growing up. These moments are fewer and further in between now, but I LOVE it when it does happen!

On the day of Shelby and Brandon’s engagement session we ventured to my favorite spot, Frank Liske park. The excitement made it feel like it was like my first time there! Shelby & Brandon found some beautiful spots with me and I couldn’t be happier with these photographs. It’s humbling to think that these represent just the beginning of their journey together – with the next chapter starting in October 2019! I. Can’t. Wait. Enjoy the love in these shots, there is TONS of it!


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