Introducing: Order Prints from your Portrait Galleries!

Aug 15, 2023 | Families

Two framed family portraits hanging on the wall above a couch

I have a HUGE announcement to make!

You can now order prints from your online gallery! And not just prints, canvas, wall art and other unique photo gifts. Holy moly… this is huge.

First, these prints are a big deal. When you order prints from your gallery, they are printed at a professional printing lab on the world’s highest quality photo paper. These prints are archival quality and the color representation is unmatched. Take a look below at the print comparison.

Just look at the difference between the two prints here, I bet I don’t even have to tell you which one came from my professional lab. But just in case the heavy red and yellow saturation doesn’t give it away, the print on the top came from a big box store! The bottom print is from the professional printer and will look just like the image on your screen (yay for color accuracy!!).

In addition to various print sizes, you can order gorgeous Gallery Wrapped Canvases. Also printed at my professional lab, the quality for these canvases is top notch. You’ll want to frame them and keep on display for many, many years to come.

Christmas Gifting? Done!

Aside from the obvious print and canvas options, there is a plethora of other gifts and keepsakes you can choose from! Christmas gifts? Consider them DONE! With a few clicks in your gallery, you’re well on your way to preserving your memories in print form and decorating your home with your beautiful family.

To make ordering even more simple, I have curated three special packages that I think will fit your needs perfectly! You’ll see these options at the very top of your ordering page: Sweet & Simple, Elegant and Bold packages. Each package comes with an array of print sizes AND one Gallery Wrapped Canvas! An incredible value! You’ll save on average 15% when ordering as a package.

(1) Wallets
(5) 4” x 6″ Prints
(3) 5” x 7″ Prints
(1) 8” x 10″ Print
8″ x 10″ Canvas Wrap
(1) Wallets
(10) 4” x 6″ Prints
(5) 5” x 7″ Prints
(2) 8” x 10″ Print
8″ x 10″ Canvas Wrap
(20) 4” x 6″ Prints
(10) 5” x 7″ Prints
(5) 8” x 10″ Print
8″ x 10″ Canvas Wrap
Custom Wooden USB Drive 16G

If you’re interested in placing an order from your gallery, simply send me an email at or a quick text to 704-904-1903. Galleries are never removed and are ready for you to print your favorite images!

Don’t have a gallery to order from? No problem! Contact me HERE to schedule your portrait session today.

Would you like more information on a portrait session? Read more about my portrait experience HERE.


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