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Aug 21, 2023 | Families

Portrait of mother swinging her smiling baby in her arms

Welcome back, friends!

I am working on a handful of blog posts that are hopefully going to help all of my future family portraits clients (and maybe even my seasoned vets) prepare for their photoshoot with me!

Frequently one of the first things I hear from a new family portrait client is, “I’ve never done this before! I’m so nervous!”

If you’ve had a family portraits photography session with me, you know that nervous is the LAST thing you should be feeling! I always strive to make a personal connection because I want those walls to come down! I want to photograph happy & comfortable people. Your true personality shines when you are care free and having fun!

I’ll start by sharing the first thing I say at all of my photography sessions: We’re going to do a mixture of things today, one of them is what we call “mantle pictures.” For these you’ll look at me and give me your best happy smile. For the rest, we will just be natural and having fun. If I tell you to put your hand somewhere and it feels awkward or just not “you,” then just don’t do it! (Look at me sharing all my trade secrets here.)

To get a great variety of images for your family portraits photography session, we work our way through those two styles. Here are my best tips & tricks when it comes to posing.

  1. Dress your best – and I don’t mean just by appearances. Choose a comfortable outfit that feels like YOU
  2. Focus on each other and be present in the moment
  3. Be silly – no really, be as goofy as you can stand it. The smiles that result are pure gold!
  4. Don’t stress. If the kids are being KIDS, then let’s get photos of them doing that! These years fly by and you will love their photo whether they’re standing still or looking for a frog under a rock…
  5. Get close and “act like you like each other!” If I had a dollar for everytime I said that, haha!
  6. Bring a coordinating blanket – adding sitting poses can help diversify your portraits!
  7. No phones! Honestly, this should’ve been #1 – but make sure they aren’t showing through in your front pocket
  8. Get touchy feely (haha!) But for real, I’ll make you hold hands, put your arm around someone, TICKLE, etc.
  9. Hands partially in a pocket are OK! No one wants to be the guy with jazz hands
  10. Finally, let it flow and do what feels natural.
Family portraits of grandmother with granddaughter smiling at the camera sitting in the grass

At the end of the day, my goal as your photographer is to take care of everything during your session. I’ve been photographing people for years and I have learned what works and what does NOT work when it comes to posing people & families. If you have any questions, concerns or special requests beforehand, feel free to share them with me! I’m all ears and open to new ideas and personal preferences.

I can’t wait to see you all this year and get you in front of my camera! Much love!

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